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Learn Digital Marketing with Live Training

Digital Marketing Course & Free Internship

Step right up to the thrilling adventure of creativity and discovery with the ACS Pvt Ltd Internship Program! Enter a world where state-of-the-art matters provide the basis for novelties of tomorrow. Interning with us is a once in a era chance to learn about leading-edge growths in fields as diverse as sustainability, skill, and more. Our course is right to pique your interest and inspire your change in front-line areas counting renewable energy results, internet of belongings (IoT) enabled devices, and environmentally friendly materials.

Register on this life-altering trip and discover a world of boundless chances waiting for you. Contribute in real-world plans, learn new skills, and network with powerful people in your arena. You will have the opportunity to study while making a difference with ACS Pvt Ltd. Come on board with us now and start a path that will take your career to the next level!

Are you prepared to grab this chance? To find out more about the ACS Pvt Ltd Internship Program and to begin your exploration, click the button below. Together, we can innovate!

Welcome to Airi Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., your gateway to valuable and enriching summer internships in the vibrant fields of digital marketing, content writing, and SEO! As a premier player in the dynamic realm of consultancy services, we are excited to provide aspiring individuals with an opportunity to dive deep into the world of online strategies, content creation, and search engine optimization.

Digital Marketing Course Fees: 20,000/-Course Duration: 6 Months Call Us: +(91) 9784686378

GET free internship 2024 with

Digital Marketing Course

At Airi Consultancy Services, we believe in nurturing talent and fostering growth. Our commitment to excellence has positioned us as a leading technology partner in Jaipur, and we are proud to extend our expertise to the next generation of professionals through our comprehensive summer internship programs.



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Internship 2024

Fees & Course Duration

Course fee: 20,000/- (In Two Installments)
Duration: 6 Months

During the course, you have to appear in live training actively. ACS Pvt. Ltd. is not bound to give you any kind of stipend for live training & internship. You can get live knowledge and prepare your report.

Digital Marketing Course Modules:
Complete knowledge of Digital Marketing
Content Writing
Basic SEO
Tools and Techniques

Our team of industry experts and seasoned professionals will guide you throughout your journey, providing valuable insights and constructive feedback.

Hands-On Experience:
Get hands-on experience working on real projects that make a tangible impact, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.
Holistic Learning:
Our internship programs are designed to provide a holistic learning experience, ensuring that you gain a well-rounded understanding of the chosen field.